Marlin Fishing Cancun




The price is per boat and you can bring 1 or 5 people the price is the same.

Because we are the owners and since you are booking your tour online you save the comission is about 40% off because that’s the comission the hotel will charge me if you will buy my tour in any hotel.

Yes it includes everything, bottled water, soda, bait, tackle, except the fishing license.

The cost is 10 usd per person and you can buy them at the marina the day of your tour. This is the only extra thing you have to pay for.

Since you charter the boat you can choose any time you like we recommend 7 or 8 am.

No, is the additional cost. Call to quote or when booking mention that they require the service: +529988483257 

Our captains and crew speak at least “Fishing English”. The language will not be a problem.

Yes our fishing boats are more than fully equipped.

As far as fishing tackle is concerned you do not need to bring anything. We provide all tackle needed. We do recommend you bring a hat, sunglasses and sun block.

Seasickness depends on the individual and the conditions of the sea the day you go fishing. We recommend that if you do not know if you get seasick that you take a commercial motion sickness medication or take Ginger pills, which you can buy at any pharmacy or health food store in your hometown. You may also want to use the patches that go behind the ear.


What you will catch depends on the time of year you come fishing. To see the various species that you may catch. click here to see a calendar.

When you charter the boat you decide. We normally recommend a combination of the two. So if trolling is slow we pull up on the reef and let you go for groupers and snappers. However the decision is yours.

First look at the fishing calendar and come when the bill fish are here. Second, take an 6 or 8 hours charter. You enhance your chances. Third, tell the captain at check in that your main interest is bill fish.

The fishing grounds are about 35 to 45 minutes from the dock.

The hours of your fishing are calculated from “dock to dock” In other words a 4 hours trip is “4” hours from the time you leave the dock until you return to the dock.

We use ballyhoo, mullet, and lures. We will vary the baits depending on the fish available at the particular time of year you go.

Yes the staff at the dock will arrange everything for you so that you can mount your fish and have it shipped.

Generally a 10% to 15% tip is given if the crew did a good job for you.



What are the best fish to take to eat?
The best fish for your dinner will be Dorado (Mahi Mahi), Wahoo, King Mackarel, Snapper, and Grouper. Any of these will make for an unforgettable dinner.